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What is Gluteoplasty? Gluteoplasty in Istanbul

Gluteoplasty, also known as a butt lift, is among the aesthetic surgery applications that have become very popular in recent years.  Gluteoplasty performed within the scope of body aesthetics has reached more people and has become popular with the increase in the number of clinics and the widespread performing of successful operations.

Gluteoplasty actually covers a fairly broad subject.  The reshaping approach, which is the basis of aesthetic operations, means working on very fine details when it comes to the buttocks. This is because the reshaping of the buttocks contains details that cannot be bound by a standard.  First of all, there are many different types of buttocks.  Reshaping the buttocks with different shapes than their natural appearance requires serious skill and vision.

Needs can be very different in gluteoplasty.  Doctors can use different methods to meet the needs through these different forms.  There are three main methods frequently used in gluteoplasty.  These can be summarized as butt reduction, butt augmentation, and reshaping, and finally, butt lift.  Of course, in some cases, different gluteoplasty types can be performed as a result of requests.  

Professionalism Makes a Difference in Gluteoplasty

Gluteoplasty is an aesthetic operation that makes it obvious why it requires professionalism if evaluated with the reasons explained above. After the butt examination, a serious planning and implementation phase should be performed.  In order to get successful results, it is very important that this planning phase is carried out by doctors who have gained experience in the field.

Different methods such as fat injection application, butt prosthesis use and butt lift surgery can be used in gluteoplasty.  Different materials can be used for prosthesis.  Each of these are factors that must be decided after each patient is evaluated uniquely.  You should choose professional clinics for your health and obtaining the image you desire. 

Gluteoplasty and Body Aesthetic Clinics in Turkey

Turkey is ready to fully meet your professional needs in gluteoplasty clinics. Turkey offers a comprehensive service, especially in the field of body aesthetics, with a fairly wide clinical network.  A world-class service, Turkey’s advanced healthcare sector and doctors who have gained worldwide experience in the field have the equipment and skill set to successfully meet your every need.  

Istanbul Offers the Solutions You are Looking for in Gluteoplasty Applications

Istanbul makes a difference in this area with clinics that are pioneering in gluteoplasty applications and other body aesthetic applications. Therefore, it offers the solutions you are looking for in every detail. This is very important in aesthetic surgery operations where fine details are important in reshaping processes such as gluteoplasty. We bring you together with experienced Istanbul clinics working with high success rate for your health and the shape you desire.

As BeWell family, we make your flight plans and bring you together with the healthcare you need without leaving any question marks with our pre-flight suggestions. We provide you with the comfort of our contracted hotels and the beautiful atmosphere of the city of Istanbul and organize your professional aesthetic solutions. If you want to feel special with BeWell, discover our services now and contact us. 

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