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What is Face Lift? Face Lift Operations in Turkey

Even if the facelift operation seems like a single surgery, it includes a process in which some techniques are combined in aesthetic surgery applications. As a result of the developments in the field of aesthetic surgery, facelift operations are becoming increasingly common nowadays.

The face is perhaps the area most affected by environmental factors. With the effects of aging, the skin in the face area is deformed. When gravity, sunrays, wind, weather conditions and the effects of various chemicals are added to this deformation, the face becomes perhaps the fastest aging area in the body. Therefore, the skin begins to lose its elasticity and firstly loosening, then wrinkles and sagging occur on the skin. This becomes worse in the face area as the excess skin and fatty tissue increase.

Face lift application includes general operations performed in the right areas of the forehead, mid-face, and neck. Lifting the entire face may also be an option at this point. Since facelift operations have become popular today, research on this subject has also increased and this procedure has become more successful with many new techniques.

Face Lift Operation is Complicated

The information is given above about the facelift operation conveys that this operation is not as simple as it seems. Facelift operation involves a complicated process and needs methods that can be used in combination with others when necessary. Since skin deformation may occur in many areas of the face, it may be necessary to operate on the facial skin from multiple points. For this reason, it includes a process that must be managed with precision. Therefore, the facelift operation should be done by professional teams.

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BeWell Turkey has relationships with very successful plastic surgery clinics performing facelift operations. These clinics, which have world-renowned doctors in this field, accept not only domestic patients but also thousands of patients from abroad. This is because Turkey, as well as being economically advantageous, is distinguished by comprehensive healthcare services. Turkey has quite a strong position in all fields of plastic surgery as well as facelift surgery. This is the result of the investment made in the health system for many years.

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