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BeWell Turkey is the brainchild of Dr. Halit Koc.  Dr. Halit has over 26 years of experience in the medical field where more recently he was the Managing Director and Board member of Dar Al Shifaa group of Hospitals Which served over 1.2 million patients a year and has revenue of over $200 million USD a year.   The idea was born during those 10 years where he witnesses firsthand the need to provide high-quality, latest technology medical service at an affordable price.  His vision got more crystallized and confirmed when he visited the US and Europe, and it became apparent to him that this is a worldwide problem that needs addressing.  In third-world countries, the quality of service is substandard and the latest technology is not available.  In the developed western nations the quality is top-notch but comes with a very steep price.

This is when BeWell Turkey was born to provide the highest & latest quality service at an affordable price.  For the last 15 years, BeWell Turkey has been specializing in facilitating medical tourism in Turkey. We pride ourselves on looking after patients in need of medical treatment or rehabilitation. The health & well Being of the patient is our top priority.


Here at BeWell Turkey, a trusted enjoyable end-to-end health journey is our objective where your health and wellbeing are at the center of it.   We do it by taking care of you from the moment you land in Turkey till the moment you leave.  It includes transportation, accommodation, hospital selection, doctor selection, fast-track hospital admission, as well as 24/7 support. we are here to make your journey as smooth as possible. No two medical journeys are the same.  Each patient will have his medical journey custom built & designed based on his needs, priorities, expectations, and preferences. With BeWell Turkey culture and language are no longer a barrier between you and the best care & experience in Turkey.

By offering a “no-fees” service, we also hope to relieve the stress of receiving high-quality advice and medical concierge services for free. Turkish hospitals rely on us to advise and support their patients on their medical journey to Turkey.

At the heart of our service lays our ability to respond to patient needs and to recommend impartial medical options. The patients and their relatives are often exposed to psychological stress, which creates fear, insecurity, and distrust. Through our expert advice and support, we reinstate trust and provide outcome certainty.

All of our staff have many years of experience in the Turkish medical sector and they are therefore able to support you in a human and professional way.

Health is the highest commodity in life. For 15 years, we place our patient’s welfare at the center of our efforts! BeWell Changes Lives.

Dr. Halit Koç, CEO

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